What is Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-Up is a procedure by which hypoallergenic, medically-graded pigments are inserted into the dermal layers of the skin, using a sterile needle for every treatment, creating natural looking enhancements to your features. These colours heal beautifully and naturally and you can have perfectly shaped eyebrows, lip liner and smudge proof eyeliner, as well as full lip colour, that will last up to 3-5 years.

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Eyebrow Enhancement / Tattooing

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with gorgeous full brows that compliment our face shape and accentuate our eyes.

Feathered Hair Stroke

Our permanent make up treatment feathered hair stroke gives the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural brow hair. The technique is the result of 12 years research, design and development by our team of expert stylists.

Our brow specialist’s will work with the landscape of the natural brow, be it too short, too thin or patchy and can achieve and revive the natural shape whilst improving and elevating your arch giving you back a flattering eyebrow shape once again.

Soft Colour Mist

Badly shaped brows can be reworked and brought back to a flattering look. If your brows are completely gone we’ll re-create an entirely new brow for you.

Eyeliner Enhancement / Tattooing

Eyeliner is the must-have essential if you want to define your eyes and accentuate their colour.

Eyeliner pencils,gels and liquids can enhance your eyes beautifully – but if you’re looking for a zero-smudge proof product, that’s long-lasting and waterproof then Permanent Eyeliner is a must for you.

Stay Perfect Eyeliner

Stay-Perfect Eyeliner intensifies your eyes giving a smudge resistant finish that looks like precisely applied eyeliner all day everyday, that result can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish.

Our professional stylists create Stay-Perfect Eyeliner in a choice of looks – from a subtle lash definer to an ultra thick liner. The colour choice is unlimited and includes intense dark shades, neutral shades and accent colours which compliment or contrast the colour of your eyes.

Ultra Thick Eyeliner

The effect makes a real difference if you’ve got sparse or no eyelashes, if you have difficulty applying eyeliner; or if you just fell you’ve lost the intensity of your eyes because of the ageing process. It’s also ideal if you suffer with allergies to pollen or conventional eye  make-up and if you struggle with contact lens sensitivities.

Lip Enhancement / Tattooing

The perfect lip shape should always be in balance with your features and depends very much on your face shape.

Achieve fullness and give the illusion of lift. Avoid problems of lipstick, bleed and re-application.

Lip Liner

Lip Liner enhances the colour of your lips with a lip-stain look, perfects your lip shape, discreetly redefines your natural lip border and if desired gives the illusion of fullness.

Getting the perfect lip shape in these demanding circumstances is time consuming and something that you have to do repeatedly throughput the day. If you’re looking to transform your lips with a long-lasting lip enhancer that takes the hassle out of wearing lip-liner and lipstick try our Lip Perfection treatment – it will take your mouth to its lip-magnifying full potential.

Lip Blush

Once you’ve chosen a shade that is ideal for you – most opt for an extra subtle look choosing a pigment blend one or two shades deeper than their natural lip colour- in no more than 90 minutes your prescribed shade is precisely infuse into your lips giving you long lasting Lip Blush.

Permanent Make-up Corrections

Don’t panic! We have the know-how, skills and techniques to colour correct, lighten and remove bad permanent make up created by other companies.

Colour Correction For Permanent Make-up

Eyebrows with unnatural orange, blue, grey and green colourings and lip procedures with blue, purple and grey staining can be reworked and brought back to a more attractive look with the skilled layering of corrective pigments.