Lip Enhancement/Tattooing

Over time, lips can lose volume and definition - and the corners of your smile can start to drop. Fortunately, the artistic skill of our semi-permanent makeup stylist, Shirley can help correct these signs of ageing, restoring lost colour, outline definition - and your smile.

The perfect lip shape should always be in balance with your features and depends very much on your face shape.

Have kiss-proof, natural-looking, fuller lips that you have always wanted – and take the effort out of repeatedly applying lip makeup. Select a fabulous intense blush of colour to tint your lips, perfect your lip shape and discreetly enhance your lip line, making you look younger and more attractive.

Lips: Shirley will infuse the colour into your skin using an electronic handpiece, carefully shading your lips with tiny doses of pigment that are deposited below the skin’s surface to create your new lip contour or blush.



Lip Liner enhances the colour of your lips with a lip-stain look, perfects your lip shape, discreetly redefines your natural lip border and if desired gives the illusion of fullness.

Getting the perfect lip shape in these demanding circumstances is time consuming and something that you have to do repeatedly throughout the day. If you’re looking to transform your lips with a long-lasting lip enhancer that takes the hassle out of wearing lip-liner and lipstick try our Lip Perfection treatment – it will take your mouth to its lip-magnifying full potential.


Once you’ve chosen a shade that is ideal for you – most opt for an extra subtle look choosing a pigment blend one or two shades deeper than their natural lip colour- in no more than 90 minutes your prescribed shade is precisely infused into your lips giving you long lasting, luscious Lip Blush.


Before and After