Lashes and Brows 


Perfectly groomed brows and luscious lashes provide a flattering and defined frame for your eyes and can even have a lifting effect. Whether your brows need thinning out or filling in, our team of brow experts will pluck, wax, thread and tint to perfection.

Our highly trained beauty therapists are committed to taking the time to find out what look you want and with our expert opinion, you will leave with beautifully defined lashes and brows that will make you look absolutely flawless.

We are patient and like to take our time with these intricate treatments to enhance your best features and make them a defined and glorious attribute. We use only the best products on the market that are clinically trialled and tested for optimum results and our hygiene practices are second to none.

Ask for a plan help you to re-grow and reshape your natural brows to suit the frame of your face.

A great, longer lasting solution for more symmetric, defined brows is an eyebrow wax which removes all the small hairs likely to be missed when plucking.

Semi-permanent dye is used to tint the eyebrows and lashes for added definition.  This quick treatment can be carried out in just 10-15 minutes and the effects last up to 3 weeks.  An eyebrow & eyelash tint can also make brows and lashes appear fuller, due to the darkening of the lighter, finer hairs around the brows and lashes further enhancing your eyes.