What is Permanent Make-up

Semi-Permanent Make-Up is a procedure by which hypoallergenic, medically-graded FDA approved pigments are inserted into the dermal layers of the skin, using a sterile needle for every treatment, creating natural looking enhancements to your features. We use a method called 3D Embroidery feather hair strokes, this is where the tiny HD needle taps pigment into the skin gently and it doesn’t cut the skin, so this is less invasive and give extremely natural results with little or no discomfort to the client. These colours heal beautifully and naturally and you can have the perfectly shaped eyebrows that you always wanted. We do lip liner as well as full lip colour and smudge proof eyeliner that will last up to three to five years with a recommended top up after fifteen months.

Shirley is a gifted, creative and natural stylist who is experienced across all aspects of permanent makeup having built up her skills through state-of-the art training.

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Do I need a patch test?

A patch test is performed to determine if you have any sensitivity to the pigment.

We provide two test patches, one for pigment and other for numbing agent, these are placed onto the skin for twenty four hours.

This area is monitored for any allergic reactions such as itching, redness and blistering.

If a reaction occurs, which is highly unlikely, we would not proceed with the treatment.


What happens after I get the treatment done?

The enhancement will take 1 week to 10 days to heal and you will then be able to see the healed colour as the it will lighten 40%. You will be provided with a skin jelly sachet to protect the enhancement and soothe and speed up the healing. There is very little disturbance on the skin , a little red for a few hours and the only difference is you will now have fabulous eyebrows etc. 

Aftercare product and leaflet are included with the treatment, ensuring the healing process is simple and easy. 

Initially your new eyebrows, lips or eyeliner may seem darker and thicker than you were expecting, but again this is normal. As time goes on the exposed pigment will soften and lighten as to how we initially planned as the top layer will begin to ‘fade away’ after a week.  

Generally, after a month you will come back to the clinic to visit Shirley to ensure you are completely satisfied. This visit is for a touch up treatment during which Shirley will go over the eyebrow to make any necessary changes. This is all included within the original price of €290  

Will it hurt?

Shirley will apply numbing cream to your treatment area prior to the treatment. 

The area will go almost completely numb, so you’ll hardly feel any sensation of pain from the needle.

The needles we use are made from the stainless steel typically used for medical implants. Each tip will smoothly penetrate the skin with minimal discomfort because the needles are silver-soldered together and prevent the configurations from spreading apart.

Shirley will check with you regularly to make sure that you are comfortable and in no discomfort. 

Most people we talk to are naturally a little apprehensive or nervous about getting their eyebrows, lips or eyeliner done, because of fear of any discomfort or pain. All of our treatments are safe and performed by Shirley who is in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

The method we use to perform the treatment does not penetrate as deeply as a body tattoo, which means the treatment is far less painful.

Most clients say it is very minimal pain, as such it is like a little tweezing.   


Can I go back to work after the treatment?

Yes, of course. The treatment area may be a little sensitive and red but that is totally normal and will not affect your daily routine.

For colour correction or removal not always – you’ll have a better understanding following your consultation.


How long will they last?

Our semi-permanent makeup treatments last on average between twelve and eighteen months. You may find that your semi-permanent makeup lasts longer than 18 months or you may find that you need more frequent touch ups to maintain the look, the results vary from person to person depending on many different circumstances.

  • The pigment colour: lighter shades will fade faster than darker shades

  • We recommend that you protect your skin from the sun. Use sun cream with a high SPF factor that protects against UVA & UVB rays and wear a hat or shade your face so as not to increase sun damage.

  • Environment and Hormonal Imbalances and medication can affect the fading process of the enhancements.

  • Let your skin heal completely – no picking or rubbing at the treated area, use balm provided.

  • Follow the aftercare guidelines to ensure you get the greatest results.

  • Keeping your skin healthy generally by staying hydrated will help the makeup pigment last and look great for longer.