Permanent Make-up Corrections

Don’t panic!

If you’ve had a bad experience somewhere else and not got the results you wanted, we have the know-how, skills and techniques to colour-correct, lighten or remove bad permanent make up created by other companies.

Not all semi-permanent makeup practitioners have the depth of experience we’ve developed from years of passion, dedication and research, or the artistic talent to make your ideas come to life. But we can help you achieve the results you wanted from the beginning.

Semi-permanent makeup colour correction

If your eyes, brows or lips have been left with unnatural colouring, we can rework them, giving you a more natural and attractive look with skilled layering of corrective pigments. Eyebrows with unnatural orange, blue, grey and green colourings and lip procedures with blue, purple and grey staining can be reworked and brought back to a more attractive look with the skilled layering of corrective pigments.

There’s a thorough consultation to decide what corrective treatment is right for you. If it’s colour correction or a simple improvement, we’ll use an electronic hand-piece to infuse the appropriate colours over your original treatment.

Semi-permanent makeup removal

If you’re disappointed with the shape of your semi-permanent makeup, or if it’s too dark, we can fade-out or lighten the pigment  by infusing  a concentrated salt solution or chemical remover over the area to pull the pigments to the skin’s surface – a bit like a salt poultice.

And if you like, once we’ve reached optimum fading, you can choose to have a new enhancement – achieving the natural result you originally wanted.

Can I go back to work after the treatment?

For colour correction or removal not always – you’ll have a better understanding following your consultation.

Is there any area I can’t have permanent makeup removed from?

No, permanent make up can be removed from all areas.

How long will it take?

Semi-permanent makeup colour correction normally takes 2-4 sessions spread 4 weeks apart, whilst saline and chemical lightening or fading-out generally takes 3-5 sessions. We like to space these sessions 6 weeks apart.