Expert Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a scientifically and medically proven technique of permanent hair removal that is effective no matter what type of hair you have. It works on any hair colour, any colour skin and anywhere on the body.

We work with the Apilus system for Electrolysis. This system allows for more accurate and faster treatment with a higher degree of comfort for the client, it is safe and cost effective and we have many happy satisfied clients who will testify to the outstanding results we have achieved for them over the years using this method of permanent hair removal.

Our highly qualified therapists are happy to discuss your individual needs and help you choose the most suitable course of treatment including recommendations for the frequency of your visits in order to achieve the results you want. All treatments are carried out in absolute privacy in extremely comfortable and hygienic surroundings.

We allow 30 minutes for your consultation and this includes your first treatment as that is an essential part of the process so that we can estimate hair type, depth of follicle, stage of growth and also to gauge the skins reaction to the treatment along with finding the optimal comfort level for the individual client.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis involves a tiny needle, smaller than a hair, inserted into the hair follicle, which is hollow so you don’t feel discomfort. Then a small amount of diathermy, which feels like a small burst of heat is released into the follicle. The heat cauterizes the tiny blood vessels supplying the hair and separates the dead hair from its base. The hair is then gently removed. An electrolysis treatment is to be repeated every other week and as time goes by, intervals between treatments get longer and longer. It’s a great safe and very effective way to treat all colour hair types for all skin types. It is most suitable for the face, neck chest and breast areas. We recommend little and often for your visit for electrolysis and this will help you achieve the best long term results.

How many treatments are required?

Electrolysis is a series of treatments. It is a process of weakening the hair follicle with repeated treatment. As the follicle weakens, the hair takes longer to grow and becomes thinner and finer. This will vary from person to person. Factors such as the texture of the hair (fine/coarse), areas to be treated, medical history, age of the person and any previous temporary methods (waxing/tweezing) that may have been used are important.

Who shouldn't receive Electrolysis treatment?

If you have a Pacemaker, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or certain diseases (ex. something that causes you to have slow healing) electrolysis may not be for you. Pregnant women can receive treatments, but consult with your doctor first. Contact your doctor for more information, and have a note with you for your first treatment.