Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with gorgeous full brows that complement our face shape and accentuate our eyes. 

We work with the landscape of the natural brow, be it too short, too thin or patchy and can achieve and revive the natural shape whilst improving and elevating your arch giving you back a flattering eyebrow shape once again that you will fall in love with.

Your brows have the power to make the greatest visual impact on your facial appearance – more than any other feature. With a subtle mist of colour or ultra-fine, precisely drawn strokes that mimic individual hairs, you’ll have the appearance of fuller, perfectly shaped, symmetrical brows. A look that’s both long-lasting and feels incredibly natural.

When you choose Shirley’s , you will receive bespoke brow enhancements which are tailor-made to complement your unique colourings and features - creating a look that’s both attractive and natural.

The treatment entails using an electronic handpiece that allows us to draw on individual hair like strokes, which are precisely applied to build your new brows. Following your hair stroke treatment, you're good to go - with flawless looking hair stroke eyebrows. 

Full, perfectly shaped, harmonious eyebrows make the face look younger and more attractive. But because of age, thyroid problems or simply over-plucking, brows can become thin, patchy, short and asymmetrical.

Shirley can subtly enhance your eyebrows, or give you brows that are entirely new. Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows that enhance every part of your face, from complexion to shape. You’ll save time and always have the natural look you love. We love the idea that we can now wake up with make up!

All of our clients receive bespoke enhancements which are tailor-made to complement their unique face shape and features, creating a look that’s both attractive and natural.


Feathered Hair Stroke

Whether your own brows are light in colour, thin due to ageing or plucking or absent altogether, this treatment creates a natural brow effect that will last and last.

Our semi-permanent make up treatment feathered hair stroke gives the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural brow hair. The technique is the result of years of extensive research, design and development by a team of expert stylists.


Soft colour mist

Badly shaped brows can be reworked and brought back to a flattering look. If your brows are completely gone we will re-create an entirely new brow for you. The Ombre/soft colour mist effect gives a shadow look – as if you had applied a brow powder. This is an excellent option if you have some hair growth but you’d like more definition or a better shape.


How Much Is Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement?

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement costs €290.

To begin you will need to book in for a consultation with Shirley, a consultation is €50 and this comes off the treatment price if you decide to proceed with the treatment.

During consultation we will determine the shape, arch and colour of your brows to suit each individual where your natural colourings, face shape and desired brow look are all considered. 

Next we create a design template so you can view what we recommend, before we actually create your brows. We talk you though our design ideas, but you are the final decision maker and have total control over your new look.

This fee of €290 includes your consultation and the initial treatment, Shirley offers the second treatment complementary, which is one month later to ensure you are 100% happy with your eyebrows and this allows us to make any necessary changes to tweak the perfectly shaped enhancement, and making sure of client satisfaction.


Feathered Hair Stroke Or Microblading?

Microblading can be used to create hair stroke brows by implanting hair-like marks into the skin using a manual hand tool which involves the cutting of the skin.

Feathered Hair Stroke at Shirley’s on the other hand is individual hair like strokes, which are precisely applied to build your new brows using an electronic handpiece. This technique enables us to infuse slender hair-like strands, deeper into the skin, achieving results which remain much longer than microblading hairs, and is less evasive for the skin and client giving longer lasting results.

Before and After