Eyeliner Enhancement

Eyeliner pencils, gels and liquids can enhance your eyes beautifully – but if you’re looking for a zero-smudge proof product, that’s long-lasting and waterproof then Semi-permanent eyeliner is a must for you.

Semi-permanent eyeliner is the must-have essential if you want to define your eyes and accentuate their colour whilst creating the illusion of larger eyes and thicker lashes, or even create the illusion of lashes if they are sparse or missing – ideal for conditions like alopecia or trichotillomania.

No more tricky applications, no more removal after a long day and never fight another smudge with precisely applied eyeliner that won’t smear, streak or run.

Highlight your eye colour with complementary tones and shading to create depth and drama.

Eyeliner: Once you’ve decided on the colour, shape and thickness of the liner, we’ll begin carefully infusing the pigment into the skin. Your eyes will be closed for most of the procedure, with the lids gently held taut to reduce blinking and movement. If your eyes are prone to watering, don’t worry – this won’t affect the finished results. There is very little discomfort, so don’t worry.  


Stay-Perfect Eyeliner intensifies your eyes giving a smudge resistant finish that looks like precisely applied eyeliner all day every day, that result can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish. The pigment is placed between the lashes and the line is extended beyond the lash line, giving you the equivalent of a fine eyeliner.

Shirley can create Stay-Perfect Eyeliner in a choice of looks – from a subtle lash definer to an ultra-thick liner. The colour choice is unlimited and includes intense dark shades, neutral shades and accent colours which compliment or contrast the colour of your eyes.


The effect makes a real difference if you’ve got sparse or no eyelashes, if you have difficulty applying eyeliner; or if you just feel like you’ve lost the intensity of your eyes because of the ageing process. It’s also ideal if you suffer with allergies to pollen or conventional eye  make-up and if you struggle with contact lens sensitivities.

Thick eyeliner

Pigment is placed between the lashes and the line is extended even further beyond the lash line to give the effect of a thick pencilled eyeliner. The style sits between day and evening makeup, and the lower lid can have a soft smudgy effect.

Ultra thick

Bold graphic super-thick eyeliner, with optional flicks. The lower lid can be given extra definition with a soft smudgy effect.


Before AND After