Areola Micro-Pigmentation

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My decision to get areola micro-pigmentation had not been made overnight. The idea had been at the back of my mind ever since I noticed that the area around my nipple was very light and gave my breasts a flat and ‘boyish’ look. However, the idea didn’t seem like it would ever be a reality until I saw that Shirley’s Beauty Clinic in Glanmire performed the procedure. This is in Cork when Dublin seemed to be the only other place that does this which seemed a very long way to go for a procedure which requires one initial consultation and two sessions for the procedure.

When I called the clinic I was received in a very non-judgemental manner by the receptionist who answered the phone and was extremely friendly. There were no intrusive questions and an appointment was made within seconds for a few days later for the initial consultation with Shirley, who performs the procedure.

As soon as I met Shirley the first day for the consultation, the weight I had been feeling immediately lifted off my shoulders. The reception I got from her was so normal!! She made me feel like I was just getting my eyebrows done or something. I also felt assured by her passion in what she was doing and instantly knew that I was dealing with someone who knew what they were doing and had plenty of experience.

One week after the consultation I returned for the first session. Throughout the tattooing process I was made to feel completely at ease and did not feel uncomfortable at all. After two sessions I was delighted with the results. My breasts now look completely transformed. They appear much more feminine and look very natural. The excellent result is down to the expertise of Shirley, who knows how to manipulate colour and shape to give a completely natural look.

Thank you so much to everyone at Shirley’s Beauty Clinic, Glanmire. This has been a completely positive, non-invasive experience and has had a very positive effect on my body image and my confidence.