Shirley’s Beauty Clinic offers Nd YAG Laser treatments of dilated leg veins and other vascular lesions which cannot be removed by IPL.

Vascular lesions are normal veins that have dilated under the influence of increased venous pressure. Whereas classical IPL works for certain smaller leg veins, it is generally accepted that Nd:YAG technology is much more effective than IPL for the majority of leg veins.

The Ellipse Nd:YAG is also ideal for facial telangiectasias (broken capillaries); especially around the nose, where it can be difficult to apply the light guide of the IPL applicators. Venous Lakes are easily treated due to the round spot size of the Nd:YAG and the Nd:YAG is furthermore CE-cleared for clearance of those Port Wine Stains & Cherry Angiomas, which are resistant to IPL or Pulsed Dye Lasers.

Nd:YAG also treats Onychomycosis (nail fungus on finger or toe nails) in 10 minutes and without pain, and also provides a fast effective treatment of Resistant Warts & Verrucaes (those which do not respond to other treatment methods).

Treatment Costs

Treatment Price
Thread Veins/Broken Capillaries (Cheeks) €80.00
Thread Veins/Broken Capillaries (Chin) €50.00
Thread Veins/Broken Capillaries (Nose) €50.00
Photo Rejuvenation (Face/Neck/Chest) €150.00
Thread Veins/Broken Capillaries (Spider Naevi) €30.00
Nail Fungus €120.00
Leg Veins from €90.00
Port Wine Stains from €159.00
Venous Lakes from €69.00
Wart/Verrucae Removal €90.00

Courses of treatments are available upon request.

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